Anthem STF Integrated ARC

I just got an Anthem STF Integrated amp and an Anthem STF Power amp for the other set speakers. 

Great Amps, clear and powerful to drive the towers I got.  The room is 11'x11'.   Room correction could be good.  How to do the steps to program the system? One issue is I need to have a Cat5 cable into the Preamp to upgrade the OS.  Its Windows based. Then the Mic needs to be either in the computer or the back of the Preamp. As well at same time a App needs to be running for the graphic for mic placement.  A min. of 5 Mic locations is needed to do the setup.  

One issue I have is no Internet cable in the room the speakers are in. The other issue is I am lost on the Graphic User Interface, (GUI).  Tried to do and the confirmation of any one step is not "concluded" or accepted and the next step requested.  The options are not clear, terms are used that I do not know.  

I am a stereo lover, not a DOS IT guy or a sound engineer.  The reviews of the Amp said the ARC was simple and very well instructed.  This makes me feel real dumb.  

One good thing is I do not seek a 7.1 HTS as well I will forgo the Sub I have. 

I have Wi-Fi, so can I get a streaming radio box from Amazon, connect the unit to the Preamp with the Fiber Optic cable out of the streamer and use that to upgrade the OS? Or use my laptop that is connected via Wi-Fi to the net and use a short Cat5 Cable to back of Preamp to set up the ARC? If so, still need the sequence and the terms I do not know understood.  

The Amps came with a Mic and stand, and cables to connect to the amp.  But the amp does not have a video screen to show the mic location or any instructions.  Some of the terms like PCM DSD, RS232, Z1NP32, HT bypass, 32/192, Where to find the IP address, how to save the process, XMOS driver, ASIO Driver, how to install Foobar, although I did, I have the icon on my desktop, but do not know what to do with it. 5 pages of instructions following starting the set up require the said terms being understood.   I think I have cables to do this, but not the skills.

Has anyone here set up the ARC system before?  I do not live in an Urban area having a Geek stereo tech service.  I bought this from Crutchfield, they are great customer service but this is Geekdom, and I am Geek Dumb.  


Get a long LAN cable at Lowes, run from your router to amplifier if feasible, set up ARC etc. and once done you could disconnect it. Just a thought right off….

I would install an internet connection.  I know my BlueSound requires one and I am not sure if you are streaming music.

I will likely get a small unit to receive my Wi-Fi signal and then cable that into the Preamp. 

I made a typo, it is an STR, not an STF.  

I will need to bone up on my streaming terms and the sites offering it.  As well the devices that operate streaming signal.  This is more involved than RCA out of CD or TT and speaker wires. As well there is a monthly fee. What I am resistant to is the Ads and the claims made.  "Rolling Stones Channel" and they play KISS.  I may be exaggerating, but I do not subscribe to a station telling me what is "Pop Hot". 

The Sirius XM Beatles channel is true to the title, and the music is good too.  But Streaming is still not something I am comfortable with.  

Maybe my Android cell can be the operating device and the stereo can play the music.  Is that Bluetooth done, or a mini jack? Is the sound source High Resolution?  My cell signal is 2 bars at my house.  As well hope to set up the ARC.