Anthem STR pre and power amplifier

am looking at purchasing, and in what research I can do on the Internet, this seems to be the best option for a dual use system for home theater and two channel listening. In this price range, is there anything else out there that I might be missing. At this point the main reason for purchase is the dual sub pass-through. So any ideas thoughts or great inspirations one might have in this form. I would greatly appreciate. Thank you very much


I purchased an Anthem STR pre-amp two years ago. Besides the speakers, their position, and room treatment, this is the next most important component in my system that has turned a small challenging room into a music listening paradise. I purchased it for its DSP and subwoofer integration with the idea that those features would elevate my system performance - and it did. It really did. I believe I created magic in my listening room. There are couple ways to use ARC and it comes with two microphones. I used the calibrated version for the laptop version of ARC. It is more powerful. You can run ARC and use the default settings the first time. Listen for a couple of weeks and then go back and adjust the many parameters to get the sound you want. 

@jodeven thanks so much for the vote of confidence, am really excited for this new change in my life. 

I have the Anthem STR pre and power amp. I love it. I also have a Paradigm Prestige sub which I love.

@evo100 we’re almost brothers in arms. Alas, I use a REL acoustic sub. But I shall enjoy belonging to the brotherhood!

I've had the STR Stack for a while now and I still enjoy it. Take some time (if you haven't already) and join the Anthem FB pages and you'll find a ton of info on making ARC easier. There's also some YT videos that take a deep dive if you're more techy. (see my virtual system)