Anthem vs Anthem?

So what exactlty is difference between the model 50v and the D2? I heard the D2 has better 2 channel section but if one were to strictly want a great HT unit is the model 50 in every other way the same and if not can you please leave info about exactly what is what?
All that is needed is full HDMI upconvert from any input (low def RCA, Svideo, comp video input into TWO HDMI outputs) I need one for Plasma and also one for Projector.
And ARC aswell as new audio decoder for brp. So is the 50 good enough or is the DV2 the real clear winner? Thanks!
I am not 100% sure what the technical difference is. I just bought the 50v last month and was told the digital processor was the same, but the audio was upgraded in the DV2. I knew the dealer very well and asked him if he was buying the processor for himself, would he pay extra for the DV2 and his response was no he would buy the 50v. HE came to install the 50v and came back and did the Arc a week later and the improvement was impressive. I don't know how much better a DV2 could be than the 50v. I bought it for mostly home theater and am very impressed.
ps. You could call Anthem and ask them directly, their dealer support is really, really good.