Anthem vs Arcam

I am trying to upgrade my receiver. I currently have the Marantz 5015. A lot of folks recommend the Anthem and the Arcam. I have owned Emotiva products in the past and don’t want to own another at the moment. I need something that supports 4K. Do not need 8K. Do not need >7 channels. I am currently only running 3 and will only ever go up to 7 maybe...
I do not need the processor to have any amps as I have an external amp.

I like the look of the Anthem AVM70 but cant find a used one in my budget. The AVM60 looks decent but I saw a poor reviews of its SINAD performance on this thread (

I then started looking at Arcam receivers but don’t know much yet about them.

I want something that will last a few years. Doesn’t struggle with HDMI issues. Has a clean interface and is relatively easy to setup. Offers the OSD overlaid on 4K content. Has decent room correction. I don’t need XLR outs RCA is fine. Dont need any second zone stuff or multiple monitor outs. I do want Doly Vision support and HDR support. 


Any pointers on what to start hunting for would be much appreciated and any feedback on the two brands.



Perhaps he is still using a Walkman😂 like our esteemed former member Jeff Kait?

I like the sound of Arcam, just never thought of them seriously as a HT vendor.

Perhaps others can enlighten me, but to my memory many stereo companies have made half-hearted attempts to get into HT processing and AVRs but few have stuck it out or really developed a broad portfolio of products that makes me feel really comfortable about their HT line.

For instance, if Audio Research suddenly developed a HT processor.... just one... I probably would avoid it thinking they don't have the engineering chops to keep it up to date. 

I haven't kept up with Arcam in forever though, so not sure how much of this applies.

ASR reviews garbage. I would not care for anything they say.  I owned an AVM60 for 4 years.  I traded in for Marantz AV7706.  About 2800 from local dealer. Before the price went up I think.  It had a hum in my system where Anthem did not. Went back and paid another 600 and got AVM70. Hum gone. Both sounded about same in my system.  The Marantz gui is faaaaar better than anthem.  I think I prefer arc sound in the end.  Also the cardboard rocket to hold mic for a $3000 processor is ridiculously cheapo move on Marantz. Anthem gives real mic with calibration file and tripod.  Comes with toroidal transformer. Hence no hum.  Go for the 70. Search for a deal and grab it. 

I have never heard Arcam but historically very good stuff. 

I have never tried the ARCAM, but I have had 4 different ANTHEMS - Sound MUCH better than Denon (which I had), Marantz (which I have had), Onkyo (which I have had - sounds better than Denon or Marantz in my opinion) BUT:

My 1120 the volume got jumpy - traded for AVM 70 (just a total s**t show), they replaced it with a new one, works except one of the outputs for a subwoofer.  I have a 520, intermittently performs the HDMI handshake with TV - it is 3 years old.  Anthem has good service, and my dealer handles the freight, so I really do not want to try ARCAM because the dealer who sells ARCAM charges to send things in under warranty - I think that is s****y - so check the policy of your dealer.  The bottom line - as compared to Onkyo, Denon, and Marantz - there is just no contest.  The sound is absolutely incredible - they just are not the most durable things on the planet.

You might want to look into getting an Anthem MRX 720, or the MRX 520 A/V receiver, they both come with the ARC room correction and you can hook up anything you need with these, they have pre outs for all the channels and you can even hook up 2 subs.

I’ve had the MRX520 since it came out and I’ve never had any problems, once it was set up I just plug in my components and it works seamlessly with what i plug in. since it is the previous edition you can still find great deals on new old stock if you look.