Anti Cable difference.

Have anyone tried or have the Anti Cable Reference ( silver ICs ) series in your system to date? If so, could you share your findings in regards to the plus or minuses that were added/taken away once installed in your system. Are they a step up from the originals? Please elaborate. Many thanks....
I replaced my regular Anti-s with Ref Silver. The difference is mainly in the highs...much more extended, delicate, cleaner, and clearer. After lots of break in time, the mids open more as well.
Stringreen, thank you for your response. While I have great respect for Paul's products, I was hoping for an overall gain in all spectrums of what the reference cables would bring to the table. Any comments/changes in the low end in regards to your system
I just ordered the level 2 bi-wired version to use as a backup while my mono block is repaired. I look forward to really giving these cables an honest try. I've had samples before(thanks Stanley) but never tried a full on assault for a prolonged period. I ended up with the Audioquest K2 silver cable and have been happy with it. I really look forward to an extended audition in a quality system.

The Anti Cable story has always interested me because it seems to debunk the "expensive cable is better" assertion. I myself have fallen for the expensive cable thing several times(Transparent, Tara, Audioquest). Honestly, I always thought the cables were somehow worth it. Audio Nervosa?

My concern with this level 1, level 2, level 3, ref...offering is that now Paul has started down the very pathway he set out to debunk. You notice the escalating prices, right? How long before we see a $10,000 Anti Cable?.., and would I buy it? Never say never I guess. Will there actually need to be an Anti-Anti Cable?

You bring to mind a few of my thoughts/concerns in regards to performance to price, which in the beginning is why I purchased the original Anti-Cables. I think I will have to purchase a set and give them a try for myself. Sigh......!!
Cabling is oh so dependent on the system it is playing in. You really have to evaluate cables individually...and you really can drive yourself nuts if you have different brands of cable in the same system.