ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?

I find myself intrigued the Speltz speaker-cable option, in part because the prices are like zero when compared to most speaker cables, but I wouldn't mind reading reactions beyond those he includes in his ads and on his web site.

Low-power tube amp to single-driver speakers
arkprof, when you unbraided them, how closely were the two wires spaced?
I'm using the Anti-Cables bi-wired with an Ayre V1xe, and Vandersteen 5A's. There are 4 wires each side from the amp to the speakers. They are not twisted and as far from each other as possible. The sound is stunning.
Paul will braid these for you for a sight fee. I found that straight is better
I have replaced all the interconnects in my system with the Anti-Cable balanced interconnects. They are fabulous