Anti-Cables Level 3

I spent some time tonight comparing my original anti-cables that I've had for 6 months to the new level 3 anti-cables that have about 70 hours on them. As I would have guessed, they have the same basic sonic signature, but the level 3 has the following differences...
- Much improved bass and mid-bass tightness. This is the first thing I noticed.
- I would say the mid-bass has more body to it, but it may be just the tighter low end that's throwing me off. Either way, I like it.
- Midrange is a bit more opened up. Vocals seem to have more space or air around them
- Highs are about the same.

If you already have anti-cables and like them, I would recommend trying the level 3's. If you've tried anti-cables and they didn't fit into your system very well, these aren't going to change your mind.
I tried them, and found them to need A LOT of break-in time.

So if you've only got 70 hours on them, they will get better.

For the money, I thought they were very good.
Has anyone tried the Clear Day Double Shotgun cable made by Paul Ladati, or the Clearview Double Helix distributed by Mapleshade internet store??. I auditioned for 3 weeks the less expensive Clear Day Single Wire Silver, but Paul does not have a loaner pair of the double shotgun silver that is a 10 ft or 11 ft pair.

Has any one had the opportunity to compare these three top of the line budget speaker cables.

Sorry to have briefly appropriated your thread Thanks, Jim
I use the Clear Day Double Shotguns in my system. They replaced a considerably more expensive (as in three and a half times more expensive) set of cables. With Paul's cables I have finally lost all desire to audition further speaker cables; they just sound right to my ear. Cables, like tubes and tweaks are completely system dependent, so as always, the usual disclaimers apply.