Anti Cables Speaker Wire

I just bought a set of Anti Cables speaker wire for my system (bananas on both ends):
1. Cary SLP-94
2. BAT VK 200
3. Rega P3-24 with Mitchell Counterweight, aftermarket aluminum subplatter, TTPSU, Clearaudio Virtuoso
4. Cambridge Audio 650 CD player
5. Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers
I have been running big old Monster Cable wires that I have had for over a decade. When I hooked up the Anti Cables I lost low end punch and dynamics. What used to give me goosebumps now just sounds lean. Any advice? Thanks.
The cables in a system have to all work together in synergy if maximum performance is the goal. Maybe the speaker cables don't like the amp's power cord and/or interconnects. If you have alternate power cords or interconnects to try, now would be your perfect opportunity to see which combination sounds best...
Thanks guys: Jeez, it never ends. I'm going to keep alternating the Monsters and Anti Cables for a while to see if they break in and start to sound better. Also, want to see if some source material sounds better with tne Anti's. I've got Morrow's from amp and CD player to preamp and those have worked well. Thanks for the responses; seems like we are all chasing the same thing.
I went (starting in more recent history) from Kimber 8TC to Ananlysis Plus Oval 9s to Cardas Cross and then to Anti cables. I was more than pleased as the Anti Cables just sounded better in my system and the bass was lower and tighter. Who'd a thunk it?