Anti Cables to join my system, are they enough?

I have Tara Labs interconnects between amp, pre and cd player, all Levinson, and i need some speaker cables to join them. They´re brand new for me, i never heard about before and all i know, till now, is the incredible quality in a certain kind of equipment. The Anti Cables low cost is very attractive, but who knows how do they work in this level? I need some advices...
I am using them (the speaker cables)in my main system and love their sound. Other cables I've used were Kimber 8TC shotgun, Analysis Plus Oval 9s, and Cardas Cross. The anti cables just sounded better, more and tighter bass in my system. When I first got them, it was the first time I heard that big of a difference in long time in any component let alone speaker cables. Hey try em' and return if you don't like em'.
I borrowed speaker and IC cables about a year ago to try and thought they fell short of anything I would want in my system..I guess at the price point there OK but certainly not in the same league as other cables Ive used
I did not care for how stiff the cables are. Like they are made from the hangers at the dry cleaner.
Wow, lots of opinions, but I guess it all
depends on system synergy! I just got a pair
with 8 jumpers for my Maggies, and they sound
just fantastic!!
I have waisted?? a lot of $$ in the past on cables, but
I don't see buying any other cables for awhile.
Next will be some Anti IC's.
I've bought a set a couple of years ago. They sounded like what $50 speaker cables sound like. They are now in the closet somewhere. Don't expect any miracles. You get what you pay for.