Anticable Cables: what do you like about them thread?

I thought that I would start this thread.  I do not like the other thread.
tomcarr, yeah ill unhook the jumpers over the weekend to find out what differences i hear. all i can say , i played it without , then hooked the jumpers in, sound much better and that is the way they have been now for the last serval weeks.
I have to say I have really enjoyed my Anticables on my plasma Pioneer Elite 50'! It brings amazing color saturation and clarity even more than some other power cords.
Anticables just received a David W. Robinson "AXPONA 2019, Positive Feedback Audio Oasis Award"
AXPONA 2019, Positive Feedback Audio Oasis Award
I think that it is pretty cool that they received this show award (and others) and makes mockery of the other thread. I would say that it is not easy to receive awards like this, wouldn’t you agree?

I am little surprised that noone seems to have compared them to Nordost, Tara, AQ, MIT, Transparent or any other cables (lots of them)? These and others would surely be at the audio shows, wouldn’t they?

Nonetheless, it is a good direction don’t you think so?

As a theoretical physicist have you received any awards? As a thought, would or could you say that energy is directional and still emanating from the point source (the big bang) which (perhaps and by observation) is why the universe still appears to be expanding?