Does anyone have any experience with Anticables products? I spent over $600 on a pair of honestly cheap-looking ICs from them and after 400 or so hours burning them in I'm hard-pressed to tell the difference between them and an old set of no name ICs built from pro cable stock and heavy metal RCA connectors.

For all I know they are made out of regular bulk copper spools in a plastic sheath and wrapped in a Slinky.
I’ve had experience with Anticables and think they are a great buy. My first experience was with their speaker jumpers for a pair of Maggie 1.7’s. The difference from the factory steel jumpers was amazing. And let me tell you I have never been a believer in high end cables. But after the jumpers I tried speaker cables (changing out from some Audioquest) and was pleasantly surprised as they really opened up the mid range and some bass. Now the last thing I believe in is the power cables. But Paul Speltz said try them and if you don’t like them just send them back. These were my biggest surprise as the dynamics and bass really came alive after buying one for my source and one for my amp. The one cable I didn’t have a noticeable change with was the IC’S. But everything else from anticables was an immediate and positive change. I’m a believer now.

You just got  copper and a larger gauge. You could have done with less $$$.
Now, bypass the fuse on your planar, it's free, and you will get even more impressive improvement.
01-17-2017 4:53pm
Well I have to agree: my opinion is not scientific fact. really, I had no idea.
The new Reduced Dislocation Density (RDD™) Wire provides:

An increased sense of volume
More "real" sounding midrange
Less grain noise
Even smoother highs (like driving on a newly blacktopped road)
More bass and better bass articulation
More exciting and involving
More bass and less grain noise? How can this happen, they have been able to reduce resistance? Decrease inductance, or both? How did they find out there’s more bass?
With every upgrades, there’s more bass. And lots of it for the dollar.

Sounds similar to every review of every audio component I have ever seen, heard or read about.... they forgot to add.. "lowers the noise floor" "raises the ceiling" "expands the soundstage"  think about it.. how often have you seen a truly "negative" review??  jus' sayin...


Don't do that!

Paul and Judy run a reputable business, produce a quality, high value product, and provide outstanding customer service.  If it doesn't work in your system so be it.  Go another direction or seek more information about why their product isn't producing the result you desire.   Slamming a small US manufacturer who's only goal is to supply a quality, lower cost alternative to their ridiculously high priced competitors is irresponsible. While not qualifying as a 'scam', manufacturers who make  ICs, power cables, and speaker wire costing thousands and thousands of dollars per are more deserving of your scorn than AC. My #1 system is all Shunyata wire, #2 incorporates several AC products and they perform!  I've not hesitated switching cable back and forth with little or no sacrifice in musical enjoyment.  Curb your negativity before resorting to slander.  
Well I've been burning the 6.2s in almost non-stop.

I sent back the Teac and replaced it with an Emotiva A300. I know this amp isn't exactly the best amp in the world, but it certainly beats the little Teac. I'll run some comparisons on the speaker setup, and if nothing will hook up the Mjolnir 2 for listening with my Utopias.