Does anyone have any experience with Anticables products? I spent over $600 on a pair of honestly cheap-looking ICs from them and after 400 or so hours burning them in I'm hard-pressed to tell the difference between them and an old set of no name ICs built from pro cable stock and heavy metal RCA connectors.

For all I know they are made out of regular bulk copper spools in a plastic sheath and wrapped in a Slinky.
AntiCables look like they could use a sweater on cold mornings, although they do seem to work fine.
Anti-cables pass the signal. They are fairly dynamic and transparent. Their sound, however, is crude and unrefined.
I have so many funny stories about the topic in this thread but look at it this way. We are all sick, demented passionate fools in search of that 1/10th of a difference that can be made in sound quality or the perception of sound quality (Real or not) gained by changing everything around and experimenting constantly. Who here doesn’t feel excited when something new shows up in that lovely new box or get wide eyed when you read an article on your iPad at 2 am in the dark while listening to Tidal Masters and noticing that it’s literally the 10th time that you played the same track in a row because you hear something new in the background that wasn’t there before. Haters be damned if you can’t justify the cost of what you can’t comprehend because it’s new or unproven, this is a hobby and pioneers make mistakes but when you find new cool stuff that works it makes up for the losers in the mix and that’s what AG is for. LOL
Anti's are good cable...made well, perform above their price point.   They are very thin and may look fragile, but they are not.
Love the sound using Anticables speaker cables and ICs. Clean, clear and open. Slightly, very slightly tipped up from neutral in my treated, dedicated room, and in my system. Bi-wired from a Vincent SP-331 to Vandersteen 2Cs. They are more robust than they appear, though not as robust as one might hope for (fracture of the solder joint at the amp end of the bi-wired speaker cable due to being a little too forceful).  Easily remedied. Solid core. I like how they sound, I like the company's policies, Paul Speltz is a great guy to work with. Happy camper.