AntiCables v. Morrow?

Looking to buy 1st cable upgrade from #10 wire. For Ohm Walsh 100-S3s and Spendor S3/5s running off ATI 1502 Power amp with CJ PV 6 tube preamp and Cambridge 740C. Listen to lots of jazz, female vocals, blues, acoustic music. I found the preamp softened and warmed up my sound taking off what I thought was some edge but as an older amp some detail too. Trying to decide on what kinds of speaker cable to move towards. Cant afford to go truly esoteric...$200 -300 max. Can people give me a sense of the relative benefis or tradeoffs between the two companies and the types of cable they sell?
I dont think I'll try another speaker cable, mabe up the Morrow line in the future, but will definitly try the MA-4 to see how it compares to my Aq columbia. As for PC I'm in shock about the new Ps audio Ac-10 cable and looking to try the Ac-12. The top to bottom balance is incredable with the Ac-10 at the moment.
regarding the Morrow cables,

what is the difference in sound quality between the SP1 and SP2?

Are the Morrow ICs as good as their speaker wire as well?

Just tried the MA-1 IC's and at 100 hrs I think I may have to gut out all my IC's for upgrades to the MA-3 or 4 I'll post back after 300 hrs, this sucks!
Another happy Morrow SP4 and MA4 user. The best cable I have had in my system and I have tried a few, Acoustic Zen, Ridge street, Silver Arrow. All good, but the Morrow is better. Hint, if you are going for them look at the Exdem sales or wait till Mike has his periodic sales on new cables
I have the SP3's in biwire. They sounded great right out of the box, but I broke them in as instructed. Actually about 400 hours. It's amazing how thin and light they are, and how they perform.