Anxiety help needed. New instal of Hana ML

Good morning everyone. Last evening I finally got around to installing my brand new Hana ML. I installed it on my MOFI Ultra deck using the Dr. F protractor. All went well despite my coffee fueled sausage fingers. I really took my time to get the alignment right, checking and re-checking. I left the stylus guard on while installing onto the head shell and wiring. Took it off obviously to use the protractor.

I hooked up the TT to my Parasound JC3 jr. and fired things up for a quick listen. I was completely blown away to say the least. Put on John Lee Hooker "The Healer" and it knocked my jaw clean off.

What gave me some restless sleep? The fact that the cantilever just looks like it’s ever so slightly oriented to the left as you view the front of the cart. I mean maybe a couple red hairs.. I didn’t notice any sound difference left or right, no increase or decrease, no hint of distortion either.

Please tell me to just take my Lexapro and drink my coffee and relax. That’s all I’m asking.

Thank you,

Dumb Doug

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Looking at the last pic, a thin spacer between the arm and cartridge on left mounting bolt should level the cantilever.

doyle, others

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In this case, the photos below are smaller than when viewed in OP’s Virtual System


Looking closely (larger ones in virtual system), I would say the cantilever is not bent sideways, it’s the shadows that make it appear so,

the reflection on the LP of the cartridge body appears a bit off vertical. a reflection in a mirror would be better/easier to see than the reflection on the lp.

this shows you the advantage of using the mirror method to ’see’ off vertical.


this is a case that shows you align azimuth using the stylus tip’s verticality, not necessarily the cartridge’s body.

because the stylus is mounted in the cantilever a speck, just a speck off perfectly vertical, the body is a bit off, but the stylus is straight into the grooves, thus leave it alone.

In this case, IF you make the cartridge body perfectly straight, then the stylus will be a speck off vertical into the grooves.

Get a light, a magnifying glass, view the difficult to see stylus for final decision.

My ML was the same. Just adjust as others have suggested.

Great cart for the money btw.

Please tell me to just take my Lexapro and drink my coffee and relax. That’s all I’m asking.

Maybe decaf in future?