Any 5a owners?

Well, I am a convert! Johnnie Rutan spent time with us last Friday, and we ordered a pair. One problem-the looooong wait for delivery. I am sure, however, that we made the right call, and the wait will be worth the agony. Had considered Focals, but in the end Vandersteen ruled.
rpeluso'll realize how good the 5A's are when you get better components. (Ayre or Audio Research)
Ditto Audiofeil's sentiment. I have an audio friend who has these speakers powered by Parasound JC1s and they are simply sublime and transportive. You will not miss a thing with the 5a. The bass alone is absolutely ruler flat to 20 Hz. Time and phase coherent too; no subtraction of musical timbre via phase cancellations.
5A's make music sound like music. Even with all their controls though, don't ignore experimenting with placement. I put mine, thanks to Zargon's advice, on some baking or cookie pans moving them inches and fraction of inches over many weeks before taking them off and finalizing their placement. Also, don't ignore their left to right tilt, get them straight up and down.