Any Advice for those Listening to Youtube Reviewers?

I’d like to recognize that it takes a great set of self promotional skills to become successful in the Youtube world. That said most of the audio reviewers I’ve seen don’t have the experience to review, or the kind of space that would really allow gear to shine.

Most of them start of with K-Mart like gear, did their formula and got popular, and jumped far up the audio food chain. Of course everything they review is going to be great compared to the Service Merchandise system they sold last year.

Just throwing it out there that people should be careful listening to these guys that are mostly working for the views/money (not that some aren’t passionate).

Anyone else seeing this?


I agree. Be careful of ulterior motives as well. This is really not something to put much stock in, do other research.

It seems most people will never get that audio is not about the gear pieces but about how to learn to listen...

Yes must learn to listen not only to sounds which is acoustic basics but also to music,classical,jazz,world; and no, our "tastes" must be educated by ourself not by reviewers...


«I like my meal well rotten for a month , it is question of taste»-- Anonymus crocodile

I think Sean at Zero Fidelity for what he review does a good job. He doesn't review DAC's, turntables or tube amps but what he does review his assessment are pretty accurate, just listen carefully.

FWIW, here is the list of the on-line reviewers ordered by the number of subscribers. It does not suggest the quality of contents they have presented but give you some idea on their popularity. The ones highlighted are those I listen periodically. Some of their verbal description of the gears' sound traits they review are spot on. Some often gave measurements and how that entails to the actual sound. Some gave rather technical details to the components under the hood. I appreciate the time and effort they have put together for each show.