Any Advice for those Listening to Youtube Reviewers?

I’d like to recognize that it takes a great set of self promotional skills to become successful in the Youtube world. That said most of the audio reviewers I’ve seen don’t have the experience to review, or the kind of space that would really allow gear to shine.

Most of them start of with K-Mart like gear, did their formula and got popular, and jumped far up the audio food chain. Of course everything they review is going to be great compared to the Service Merchandise system they sold last year.

Just throwing it out there that people should be careful listening to these guys that are mostly working for the views/money (not that some aren’t passionate).

Anyone else seeing this?


I would really like to know how they make money when they only have a few thousand views per video.

One youTuber says he bought a $350, 000 Wilson, which he probably showcases, along with a lot of other extremely expensive gear

And then he’s begging people to subscribe and become a paid member I guess. He’s not actually selling gear although he has a website.

Are these guys really operating in positive cash flow environment? Doesn’t make any sense.

I would guess that for many of these folks, YouTube videos are not their sole source of income.... 

As with anything, take the opinion of others with a grain of salt. Only your preferences matter, not someone else's subjective thoughts based on their listening environment with their components. Just my two cents worth....

Like many here I enjoy Paul McGowan, Darko, Thomas & Stereo (despite the Chifi hype).

Here's one that pisses most people here off:  OCDHiFiGuy  He's more than irritating and may be bipolar but he has said some really profound things that turned out to be true. His bashing the ARC Ref 750 hit a nerve!

I have learned a LOT form OCD Mikey. Ditto Paul McGowan

“It seems most people will never get that audio is not about the gear pieces but about how to learn to listen...”. IMO, if you know how to listen, you would know that the better equipment makes a bigger difference in sound quality! It’s like taking a Honda accord to the racetrack. Even if you are the best driver in the world, you will not beat a rookie in a F1 car.

If you have a pioneer receiver, I don’t care how you listen, the sound quality will be crap. If you truly know how to listen, you will hear differences in cables, room treatment, different price ranges of amps, dacs, preamps, etc… But hey, if you can’t hear the difference between entry level equipment and the better higher end equipment, that’s cool, you just saved yourself some money. Me, I’ll spend the money on better equipment to get the best sq I can for the money invested, same goes for cars, homes, appliances, we’ll just everything