Any Advice for those Listening to Youtube Reviewers?

I’d like to recognize that it takes a great set of self promotional skills to become successful in the Youtube world. That said most of the audio reviewers I’ve seen don’t have the experience to review, or the kind of space that would really allow gear to shine.

Most of them start of with K-Mart like gear, did their formula and got popular, and jumped far up the audio food chain. Of course everything they review is going to be great compared to the Service Merchandise system they sold last year.

Just throwing it out there that people should be careful listening to these guys that are mostly working for the views/money (not that some aren’t passionate).

Anyone else seeing this?


If you don't like the YouTube reviewers, start your own channel instead of complaining about people who did - I'm sure it would be far superior to the ones you don't like.... 

I dont pay attention to reviewers... I dont need to upgrade... 😊

I dont even criticize them... They sell the gear...

Sometimes they inform us well sometimes less...

I like Steve Huff  as a reviewer because he exhude honesty...

And this video of him spoke truth...

I know it is true because my 700 bucks system is high end in sound but not in pricing...😁

well just in case i didn't make myself clear i said i don't trust them not i don't like them and gave my input to go and listen for yourself it seems like good advice I've read about the toxic chat rooms on these forums and i believe it 

As always, buyer beware. I listen to YouTube reviewers primarily for entertainment but also to find about gear that I never would have heard about otherwise. I do listen to suggestions and have acted upon them in the past. Demoed totem tribe towers due to several enthusiastic reviews. I wound up passing on them. I bought a pair of highly praised speakers but they had a 60 day return window. I returned them.  My ears always have the final word.

I remain baffled how these guys can do so much work to put the videos together when they only get a couple thousand views. They make no money from YouTube.

And they crank out so many 15 minute videos with their crazy long extended intros and if you have the patience to watch the entire video most of the time there’s nothing to be learned. No one ever explains the technical merits of gear they’re talking about. How is one supposed to learn when they watch these videos.

Yeah I wish I had $350,000 Wilson speakers. And clearly they are paying for them, if it all, its at a substantial substantial discount. If I was Wilson why not give them on loan to a well followed video person the for a while. If purchased I’m sure they’re being tax deducted, which means everybody’s paying for those speakers.

The economics escapes my tiny mind. Actually I’m losing interest in all these videos anyway. It’s a complete waste of time to watch them.