Any Alice Cooper fans?

Just listened to Alice Cooper's "Alone in his Nightmare" Cd which is the audio from a live radio broadcast from Alice's 1975 Welcome to my nightmare tour.
It was actually my 1st concert and is probably the best concert I have been too.
Besides the original Alice Cooper band, this in my opinion is the best band Alice ever put together. Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter's guitar playing is second to none. Its definitely worth a listen.
Love it to Death is a brilliant record played impeccably. Killer less great, but still fab. Jumped the shark a couple records later.
A fan up to about the Billion Dollar Babies album. Then my interest fell off. My 2 all time favorites are Love it to Death and Killer. But have some of the other stuff, including "School's Out" which came with a pair of panties enclosed.
Could that girl from work have been loving the (original) Steely Dan from Naked Lunch? A lot of times the magic stuff happens when bands are young and hungry. A big budget doesn't make it last forever...completely agree with Musicpod.
Big fan of Alice Cooper and an average fan of his music. Had an opportunity around 15 years ago to play a round of golf with AC...super interesting person and very nice guy.
I was a huge fan of his music probably up to Go to Hell. What intrigued me more was his stage show and what a funny and pretty cool guy he is(nothing like his character Alice). I'll always remember that first concert back in 75 at the Garden. What a show!!! And the amazing band he had for that tour. REMEMBER THE COOP!!!