Any Audioengine fans?

I've been enjoying my HD6's for years since they first came out. Can't remember when. But with Apt X Buetooth, 150wpc class A/B power, a phono pre, and digital connectivity all built in for $699 I think they're pretty solid. And they look good! Used mine for a couple of years in my home office. Didn't sound great at first but they really opened up as time went on. They really need a small space and even then the bass extension really isn't there but that's to be expected at their size. I really like the rest of the sound though and I think a lot of that is due to the class A/B amps factory matched to the drivers. Like a lot of powered speakers they seem to offer a lot without the need for extra boxes and wires.

I do have better gear and rarely listen to the HD6's for 2 channel anymore. Moved them to the living room and I use them now mostly for light tv listening. And they also make my laptop sound great via bluetooth when I am in there gaming or watching Youtube etc. Don't even have to think about it they just play any noise my laptop makes and sound great. But every once in a while I plug my streamer in via toslink and enjoy them 2 channel. They've just been a great solution for me for several different uses.

Anyone else?


Not using as my two channel system but I have the HD6's and subwoofer hooked up to my iMac using a DragonFly Dac.

Music sounds great!

Why all the Audioengine threads from newbies?  Did audioengine pay a company to create social media buzz around their products and these new members are bots?

I think audioengine speakers are very good desk speakers.  Compared to the plastic Logitech speakers my company provides they are quite listenable.  But they aren't really audiophile. 

I have been using the HD3s for a year or so.  I just bought the HD4s for my other desk and returned them because they lose connectivity and I have to unplug, turn off, and reinitiate them too often.  Audioengine said "maybe we'll address this in a future software update".  I said, good luck with that and returned them.


+1 AudioEngine


My A5+ are terrific sounding at the far corners of my standing desk. Fed by a Schiit stack that I must sometimes use for headphones, the soundstage they present is wonderful. Nice nearfield speakers from my experience. I have never set them up set out into a room so I have no idea what they sound like in that arrangement.

Good to know they aren't audiophile speakers. I was worried that visitors who saw them might think I was being pretentious. 


I had been using HD 4s for streaming. After I got a better DAC/amp, I felt like I could hear the xover point on some recordings. There wasn't smooth transition from mid to high. Got a pair of Tannoy Gold 7 and have been very pleased. Larger but more cohesive and real sounding.