Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?

I'm looking to add sound to the living room in a WAF friendly manner.   Gotta be inconspicuous and no wires showing!

I'm thinking a wireless Bluetooth speaker that I can connect to from tablet or Smartphone running my favorite music apps is the way to go.

Any particular good sounding ones that you have heard?

The retro-styled Marshalls would fit in aesthetically I think.  My wife likes retro!  Maybe the portable model.

akg, thanks for that.  The Libratone looks like a winner at its price point.  Seems to be under the radar screen versus its competition at present.
The Audioengine B2 is really nice.  Not sure if it's bigger than you are looking for.

On the small side, I own and really like the Cambridge Oontz and the Dell AD211.  Excellent sound for such a small speaker.


Do you own the Grain Audio PWS? If so, how is the sound? Looks like a winner and I'm thinking about buying one.



Thanks for the suggestions.  Some new ones there for me.   

Im very close to pushing the button for the Libratone.    It would go nicely in that room plus I like the form factor omni approach and features.   The much more expensive Bang And Olafson is another I liked.