Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?

I'm looking to add sound to the living room in a WAF friendly manner.   Gotta be inconspicuous and no wires showing!

I'm thinking a wireless Bluetooth speaker that I can connect to from tablet or Smartphone running my favorite music apps is the way to go.

Any particular good sounding ones that you have heard?

The retro-styled Marshalls would fit in aesthetically I think.  My wife likes retro!  Maybe the portable model.

Yes, Deep Blue looks like one of the leading contenders for best bluetooth sound overall but more than double the price and not portable.  
I bought my son and daughter both UE Booms and they love them.  Pretty good sound for what it is and being a waterproof/ tough design.
Out on the deck on a beautiful spring eve and brought the hk out for a trial.   Normally would run the Minimus 7s off the main rig out there.   It's doing very nicely and provides a unique perspective to the listening.   It's running direct off my iPad mini. Which is very convenient.  

I have both Deepblue's, the original and the 2. When I bought the 2 I moved the original to my office since I'm there about 5 times a month. 

I use the 2 at home on my deck, which I usually strap to a tree about ten feet away. I simply hook up my iPod or Astell & Kern player via the aux input. My experience using Bluetooth with the 2 was not so good - dropouts, noise, etc. I'm going to try it again. There IS a dac in the 2. 

Everyone who has been here at the house comments on how good the sound is - and not the type of peeps who think the Bose Wave is good. I also turn the bass WAY down. It has plenty of bass without increasing it. 

Ridiculous as I may be sometimes, I've just written Peachtree to inquire as to how I might use a pair for stereo, a right and a left. I've dealt directly with them before and they have remarkably good customer service.  Good luck!