Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?

I'm looking to add sound to the living room in a WAF friendly manner.   Gotta be inconspicuous and no wires showing!

I'm thinking a wireless Bluetooth speaker that I can connect to from tablet or Smartphone running my favorite music apps is the way to go.

Any particular good sounding ones that you have heard?

The retro-styled Marshalls would fit in aesthetically I think.  My wife likes retro!  Maybe the portable model.


 I also just discovered today that the new HK Onyx Studio 3 has a pairing feature. If you like the Studio 2, you might want to check it out.
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I'm using JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker from last 2 years. It available at affordable price and I wouldn't worry about it breaking from an accidental drop, And the black color looks very nice. Overall would recommend this product. If you don't like JBL, some of other good Bluetooth speakers recommendations for you.
Yes, actually I can recommend several models: 

My first advice would be UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom - they are so amazing. I won't say much but they do deserve your attention. 

Also great choice would be Libratone Too vs JBL Charge 3. Everyone has its favorite brand and considering that fact - here are the finest models. 

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If you’re looking for the best wireless speakers then choose Marshall Stockwell, brands are known for effectively molding retro and modern styles. And when it comes to loudness, the Stockwell model is the loudest of all Marshall speakers. Powered by a two-channel class D amplifier and has dual 2.3-inch tweeters and 2.3-inch woofers. reference for the specs: