Any Bluetooth wireless speakers that you like?

I'm looking to add sound to the living room in a WAF friendly manner.   Gotta be inconspicuous and no wires showing!

I'm thinking a wireless Bluetooth speaker that I can connect to from tablet or Smartphone running my favorite music apps is the way to go.

Any particular good sounding ones that you have heard?

The retro-styled Marshalls would fit in aesthetically I think.  My wife likes retro!  Maybe the portable model.

akg, thanks for that.  The Libratone looks like a winner at its price point.  Seems to be under the radar screen versus its competition at present.
The Audioengine B2 is really nice.  Not sure if it's bigger than you are looking for.

On the small side, I own and really like the Cambridge Oontz and the Dell AD211.  Excellent sound for such a small speaker.


Do you own the Grain Audio PWS? If so, how is the sound? Looks like a winner and I'm thinking about buying one.



Thanks for the suggestions.  Some new ones there for me.   

Im very close to pushing the button for the Libratone.    It would go nicely in that room plus I like the form factor omni approach and features.   The much more expensive Bang And Olafson is another I liked.  
for the size (& on-par pricing) I found the UE Boom2 to sound the best. it packs a wallop in its bass for its size.

for a much larger room I like this Sony bluetooth speaker:

The Bose bluetooth speakers are also very good but highly priced - the Soundlink Mini ($199) & Soundlink iii ($299).

here’s another one (if you want the option of playing a CD as well) from Sony:


Do you have the Cambridge Oontz Angle 3 (small) or Angle 3XL (large)? I'm looking at both of these and they look promising. The prices have been marked down dramatically from the original MSRP and they both look like good values if they sound OK.



Good stuff.  Keep them coming.   

I want ant something probably big enough to cover a somewhat larger room yet portable.   Omni sound is very appealing.   Libratone still leading but ultimate ears is smaller and cost less and might fit the bill. 
Here are a couple of more options:

Riva Audio Turbo X

Peachtree Audio deepblue2

The Turbo X has received fairly positive comments on head-fi.  The deepblue2 is a little big to be considered truly portable.  Neither is as WAF friendly as the Libratone.

I don't own either as I've had a Big Jambox for a few years.  I'm intrigued by the Turbo X though.
Not sure what your price point is but the Peachtree Deepblue 2 is worth a look if your looking to fill a larger room. 

@reubent ...I have the original Oontz, which is pretty much the same as the Angle 3 Small.  GREAT little speaker!
Funny you should ask.  I just bought a cheap Bluetooth speaker for streaming guitar  practice tracks from you tube.  A $70 pair would work, marginally but......

While shopping, I saw another BT speaker that you might want to check out. It turns out that BenQ, which I know only for high value video projectors, sells a small electrostatic Bluetooth speaker. Don't know the price and didn't hear it, but worth looking into IMO, if only for the education.

I ended up buying the Cambridge Oontz Angle 3 to have for a small portable speaker. It's not bad considering the size (really small), but it is not even close to HiFi. However, for less than thirty dollars with free shipping from Amazon, it's a great deal for a super portable.

Interestingly, my neighbor brought over his bluetooth speaker for a little get together this evening that included a lively game of music roulette. It turned out to be the Libratone. It's a nice speaker. Sounds way better and bigger than the little Oontz. I would definately consider buying one. It's portable enough since it has a small footprint and a nice carry strap. And it puts out enough sound to make it useful for small get togethers. It's the best combination of functionality, portability and sound that I've heard so far.

It turned out to be the Libratone. It's a nice speaker. Sounds way better and bigger than the little Oontz. I would definately consider buying one. It's portable enough since it has a small footprint and a nice carry strap. And it puts out enough sound to make it useful for small get togethers. It's the best combination of functionality, portability and sound that I've heard so far.
that's exactly the UE Boom2 for less money.....
UE Boom 2 appears much smaller and lighter than Libratone. Though similar on concept.  Can't possibly go as loud and clear, can it?
UE Boom 2 appears much smaller and lighter than Libratone. Though similar on concept. Can’t possibly go as loud and clear, can it?
well, i can't say how loud the Liberatone can be but the UE Boom2 can get very loud. My niece owns one & I’ve heard it in action.
It’s not that light - it’s got some weight to it when you pick it up.
I saw that both Walmart & Target have these units on display & you can test it out for yourself volume-wise.....
I heard the ue boom at local Walmart today.    

It it was the best sounding Bluetooth speaker they had there no doubt.  It was playing in a huge store but I thought it a tad small for my purpose.   It did have nice build quailty and sound for the size.   Also the priciest model at Walmart.  A few others were larger but very Lo fi.  I heard the $99 flat round ue model at a relatives a while back and was very impressed with the sound and build quality. 
mapman, glad that you auditioned the UE Boom2. I'm in agreement with you re. the build quality, modern looks, size & quality of sound. 
My Walmart has the Bose Soundlink Mini & Soundlink as well - they sound very nice but they are expensive. For the Soundlink Mini which is $199, I'd rather buy the UE Boom2.
is the Liberatone much bigger in size & sound than the UE Boom2? I searched their website but could not find any dimensions. Maybe other users can tell us if it will work for a larger room....


I have been very pleased with the GA PWS.  In the past I have owned Bose and JBK.  The GA sounds the best out of the three.  It does not go to extreme sound levels but it is clean and clear.  Plus, it is a snap to throw in baggage for an extended trip - one of my criteria when shopping for one.

Here is latest model Libratone Zipp dimensions from Amazon site listing:

Product Dimensions 4.8 x 3.9 x 10.3 inches; 3.3 pounds

UE Boom 2:

7 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches  1.2 pounds

$299 for Libratone, $199 for Boom 2.

Mega Boom is slightly larger according to listings. Same sound only bigger?
The original style Grey Libratone Zipp is on sale on eBay for one hundred and seventy dollars. It's the same one my friend brought over this past weekend. It sounds really good and its big enough and loud enough to fill a good sized room (maybe not to party levels, but that's not my need). I'm going to do a bit more invenstigation to insure it meets my needs, but I think I'm going to jump on one.
I've read some older Libratone models are Airplay only not Bluetooth, so be aware of that.
Well, after hearing it in  local Best Buy and finding a great price online (sorry Best Buy),  I'm giving a white Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 a shot.

I listened to it using Plex app on my Iphone 6s to stream from my music library at home and it hit the mark for me
good choice, mapman. modern looks & is likely to blend into your living room with other furniture accessories.
looks very thought out under the front grill (the center piece looks like a passive radiator?):
Yes, passive radiator as seen in the rear as well.

This was the most hifi I have heard a Bluetooth speaker sound to-date and for much less than the other leading contenders.
Big fan of the HK Onyx 2. I've auditioned several bluetooth speakers and this one was the best. Plays loud. Has warmth and punch in the bass. Has good midrange and treble detail and has outstanding tone. Never irritating or annoying. Never. It's kind of like a Vandersteen bluetooth speaker. Gets better after about 50 hours of play.
Gd my impressions were similar.    Ue boom2 sounded like a toy in comparison and would have cost 33% more.   Great price on Amazon.  Should arrive tomorrow.  Looking forward to it. 


Did you get the speaker? How do you like it? I still think I'm going to order the Libratone ZIPP, but haven't commited yet.

Yes, I got it Friday one week ago.

I am very happy with it. The best single speaker Bluetooth sound I have heard to date especially for the $150 it ended up costing. I can easily recommend it at that price point.

Ironically now my wife wants me dump my wired speakers in her sunroom for it. The HK sound is good enough that I might not miss them too much in there if it comes to that in that the sound quality is very good especially for its size and I’d still have my high end wired setups in three other rooms.

Lots of full extended good quality bass, a slight lovely warmth in the midrange clean highs, nicely balanced top to botto, good dynamics and goes pretty loud with no noticeable breakup or distortion.

Imaging and soundstage is not much there with a single speaker but I have that in spades elsewhere so not a big issue.

A very nice addition for a well set audiophile looking to explore portable blue tooth sound without spending a lot.
have you considered a Peachtree Deep Blue 2? All in one solution, great sound but no substitute for a full blown rig.

Yes, Deep Blue looks like one of the leading contenders for best bluetooth sound overall but more than double the price and not portable.  
I bought my son and daughter both UE Booms and they love them.  Pretty good sound for what it is and being a waterproof/ tough design.
Out on the deck on a beautiful spring eve and brought the hk out for a trial.   Normally would run the Minimus 7s off the main rig out there.   It's doing very nicely and provides a unique perspective to the listening.   It's running direct off my iPad mini. Which is very convenient.  

I have both Deepblue's, the original and the 2. When I bought the 2 I moved the original to my office since I'm there about 5 times a month. 

I use the 2 at home on my deck, which I usually strap to a tree about ten feet away. I simply hook up my iPod or Astell & Kern player via the aux input. My experience using Bluetooth with the 2 was not so good - dropouts, noise, etc. I'm going to try it again. There IS a dac in the 2. 

Everyone who has been here at the house comments on how good the sound is - and not the type of peeps who think the Bose Wave is good. I also turn the bass WAY down. It has plenty of bass without increasing it. 

Ridiculous as I may be sometimes, I've just written Peachtree to inquire as to how I might use a pair for stereo, a right and a left. I've dealt directly with them before and they have remarkably good customer service.  Good luck!
I’m very interested to know about Bluetooth speakers designed to operate in stereo pairs.
not to hyjack the tread, but just saying that I use Sennheiser wireless headphones ...they sound very much (but not exactly)  like my Sennheiser 650's...range is phenomenal...even outside the house.

Purchased this for my wifes workout room.... ended up surprising me.... I received a separate letter after purchase that said that it had a 90 day no questions asked return and they would pay shipping as well as a 1 year unconditional warranty for repair.... Its built incredibly sturdy, cast aluminum  $60

TaoTronics TT-SK06

I hope this helps,  Tim

Are there any good quality Bluetooth stereo speakers not housed in the same box?   In other words a physical pair of speakers that integrate together, one left and one right?

Hey MM,

The new version of the Libratone Zipp has a pairing feature that you can set to either stereo (L&R) or full 360 degree sound from each. Unfortunately they cost $299 each....Ouch.

 I also just discovered today that the new HK Onyx Studio 3 has a pairing feature. If you like the Studio 2, you might want to check it out.
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I'm using JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker from last 2 years. It available at affordable price and I wouldn't worry about it breaking from an accidental drop, And the black color looks very nice. Overall would recommend this product. If you don't like JBL, some of other good Bluetooth speakers recommendations for you.
Yes, actually I can recommend several models: 

My first advice would be UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom - they are so amazing. I won't say much but they do deserve your attention. 

Also great choice would be Libratone Too vs JBL Charge 3. Everyone has its favorite brand and considering that fact - here are the finest models. 

So long
If you’re looking for the best wireless speakers then choose Marshall Stockwell, brands are known for effectively molding retro and modern styles. And when it comes to loudness, the Stockwell model is the loudest of all Marshall speakers. Powered by a two-channel class D amplifier and has dual 2.3-inch tweeters and 2.3-inch woofers. reference for the specs:
For those people who are looking for the best Bluetooth Speaker at an affordable price, Must check these best Bluetooth speakers under $50.
Peachtree just released the Deepblue3 recently. In my humble opinion this is the top “portable” Bluetooth speaker system out there - and for just $399. 

I started with the original version, bought the 2 version upon release, and I just ordered the 3 version even though it doesn’t have WiFi - which they said it was going to add as a feature. C’est la vie. 

I hope they they improved the Bluetooth because I found it to be rather crappy overall, too many dropouts whether it was on my back deck or in my bedroom. I listened to it mostly through my iPod or Astell & Kern portables via the aux jack anyway, so the Bluetooth aspect never really bothered me. 

I loved  the look of the Marshall portables but they simply didn’t come close to my humble ears. 
Hello everyone, Try this I’ve been using this for 8 months. The sound is great and it has wireless fast charger as well. That works fine for my Smartphone. Price is right. Really great product. Don’t think twice, you should buy it. I highly recommended for those who want portable speakers and wireless fast charger.