Any bookshelves with horn-loaded tweeters?

I am looking for bookshelf speakers with horn-loaded tweeters.

I prefer two-way speakers. I found that JBL studio 530 and a number of Klipsch bookshelf speakers satisfy my need. But I am not sure if they sound good.

I am looking for more options, of audiophile/hifi quality.
The Titus is an aquired taste. Electrostat fast and very hard sounding. If paired with an SET it works great. A little brittle for SS.
But it is a class-B speaker. It does a lot of things right, but it wasn't for me.
Once again Luvs2listen doesn't disclose that he is the builder for the Vapor Aurora. Shill!
I guess you gotta do what you gotta do at this point guys!
Well Paul, I hang my head in shame for not disclosing that I am tied to Vapor, something anyone who looks at my posts here on the forum can figure out rather quickly and easily.

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