Any Brands You “Hate” because of a bad dealer experience many years ago?

On another post, someone recommended a product that I would never consider. Why? Because 40 years ago, I had a bad experience at a local dealer, which has tainted me forever, and I could never own that brand. Not because they sounded bad, but because of the way I was treated by the dealer.

ok, you first thought might be to tell me “get over it”, and, well, that is a valid response. You are right in that I may be cheating myself out of a great listening experience.  However, with a myriad of brand option for any given type of equipment, you need some criteria to narrow your field of choices. isn’t this as valid a reason as any? Certainly as valid as aesthetics.

For me, we had a dealer who sold Macintosh and Luxman.  If you owned (or considered) owning anything else he thought you were stupid, and treated you as such (In my opinion/experience).  Another dealer sold Ohm Walsh speakers that had a similar condescending attitude. I hope they were just having bad days, and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I still will never consider these brands.

Without naming specific dealers or even cities (to protect the possibly innocent or misunderstood), what brands will you never consider because of similar experiences that have prejudiced you? 


Like a 2 cycle Mark III a 3 cylinder, that kind of Kawasaki russ69? Death trap! True rice rockets of the time.

Pass Labs. Even though they make great sounding equipment, I have bought Pass equipment used only.

As a person who earned a living based upon a 100% commissioned sales job for over 50 years, you learn that one of the very basics is to NEVER put down what a prospect currently owns, or a competitor’s product if he/she has been considering that.

Instead, you compliment them on their current or prospective choices by saying ... "I understand why you would want to go that way, ABC makes a fine product. However, our XYZ offers as much if not more. Let me explain ... " Then you proceed to point out the features and benefits of your product, and then try to close the sale.

If you insult the existing product or the prospective product, you are insulting the intelligence of the prospect. After all, it is HIS/HER choice, right? This is called "sales 101."

We’ve all suffered putdowns by condescending salespeople. Based on my experience, I am always critiquing salespeople and judging their skills. Back in the early 80s, I was driving one of those big Oldsmobile Broughams. It was fully loaded and in excellent condition as it was used to transport clients.

I walked into a Volvo dealership one day considering trading in the Olds for something smaller. The salesman asked me what I was presently driving. I pointed out the window at the Olds. He condescendingly said ... "Oh, you’re driving one of those dinosaurs!" My response was ... "Yes sir, and you can be assured that I will not be driving a Volvo."


Kaw MkIII will always hold memory of guy in high school parking lot doing wheelie, lost control crashed into car. Those bikes had far more engine than chassis could handle.


As far as bad dealer experience, I've had those  but never associated any particular brand to it. I was verbally accosted by asst manager of an audio dealer many years ago for having the gall to try to negotiate price on Rega P3 tt. Right in front of other customers, I smiled as I left the story, totally unhinged. Didn't hold grudge against Rega, did against the store. Too bad for them, had previously made purchases, would have been more in future.

@russ69 the MkIII was some scary stuff, bad brakes and suspension aside from a weak fuel delivery. Flat side carbs as I recall. 

I had a Yamaha RD350 that scared me to death.