Any Can fans out there?

I am just trying to find anybody who appreciates Can among fellow Audiogoners.I feel all alone,all my buddies just run away when they hear it.
Count me in. The only bands that sound remotely like them got that way from listening to Can records. Soundtracks through Soon Over Babaluma are my favorites (Rite Time is incredible too and may be the best recorded Can disc). If you haven't heard Holger Czukay, On The Way To The Peak Of Normal or Movies, put em' on your short list
Hi I am a "big Can fan". Just great music, well recorded and interesting changes in style and experimentation. Another example of what great rock is all about. Also the later solo LPs and collaborations are very good. I especially like Holger Czukay solo works. Inner space, outer space...its all space.

When I saw mushroom head then I knew I was dead....

YES! I have almost all of their LPs on German vinyl. I like Future Days, Tago Mago and Soon Over Babaluma as favorites. Monster Movie is cool too. Their music clears my head when I need to break out of the routine.
I like Tago Mago and Future Days

pretty progressive stuff for being made so long ago...