Any cartridge recommendations for a Grace G-707 arm on a Thorens TD-125 deck?

Obviously, an F9e would be ideal but they are the proverbial hen tooth these days.

Any recommendations for a suitable cartridge for this pair. The Grace 707 is a light arm but I have been tempted to try a Grado wooden cartridge - has anyone any thoughts on a good - and relatively affordable - model I should consider?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!


I think you could find an F9E or Ruby with a little patience. Then get the SoundSmith prefab stylus assembly with sapphire cantilever and CL stylus.

Thank you all for taking the time to provide such helpful responses. I've already begun researching them.

While I have your attention - so to speak - do you have any thoughts on a good - but affordable - tube phone preamp to plug this rig into a Parasound P7 and A21 and then Magnepan speakers. There are a lot of good-looking preamps out there so opinions on good options would be welcome.