any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?

I know built in dacs have historically have been a bit of an afterthought, currently looking at the Rotel Michi X3 series 2 as it has a nice chip set

any other integrated amps around the same price point  with a good dac built in?





The Mola Mola Kula has the Tambaqui DAC! Nothing has a better DAC built in the thing in the world.

Michi is midfi

The Peachtree Nova 500 used the same ESS 9028 PRO DAC chip as the Rotel Michi X3 series 2. Now discontinued; may be available used. Or check out the new Peachtree Carina models.

The DAC in McIntosh’s integrateds is a Digital Audio Module that can be replaced by future modules to stay up to date with the latest digital audio technologies - a very good strategy.

My MAC7200 came from the factory with the DA1 module installed, which sounds great. At some point I’ll upgrade to the DA2 module to gain TV integration via HDMI ARC connection.



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