any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?

I know built in dacs have historically have been a bit of an afterthought, currently looking at the Rotel Michi X3 series 2 as it has a nice chip set

any other integrated amps around the same price point  with a good dac built in?




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I am testing the Boulder 866 and definitely it’s an amazing product of you can stretch your budget it’s totally worth it.  As people mention here some McIntosh are good too


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Linn makes several excellent DAC/ Integrated amps.   They also offer a number of customizable options to upgrade the sound (many of which you can do after a bit of time when your resources are replenished.   Did I mention that the design is beautiful too….  Worth a listen before you commit to any of the above mentioned options (Hegel is a great choice too)

The Mola Mola Kula w the Tambaqui is so resolving and in anotjer

league than any internal Dacs   I have a McIntosh MA8900


p bad DAc   I have an NAD M33

and it’s a really nice all in one package. But the Mola another league. I returned a Hegel H390 after home trial period as it didn’t work for


If you have the money, there are several.  The Hegel H390, H590 that’s now about half price and the H600, the reason the H590 is about half price.

There are many other brands making integrated amps with built in DAC’s, but I am very familiar with Hegel.