Any DAC comparable to my Linn Akurate CD ?

Hi All,
my question is simple and can be for everyone knows the sound of Linn gear, in my case is the Akurate CD.

I'm looking to a DAC with USB input that can have the same musicality as Linn Akurate CD, I love it.

At the same time I'm not interested in DS products because I want to use my existing macmini/audirvana/dsf files too, but no matter if the DAC can play DSD.

I'm thinking to listen Weiss 202 and MSB Analog, but if someone did some comparison with other DACs and Linn sources, I need your opinion and listening impressions.
My budget is not more than 7000$.

My system: Spectral 200S S2 + 15SS , Sonus Elipsa Red.

Thanks in advance !
My question is: is there a way to open up the Linn and install a digital input? The unit has a dac for the internal cd player, no?
Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC recently won a shootout with several top-end DACs on Audiogon, including EMM Labs, Lampizator and PSAudio. It is an extraordinary DAC:

Product info:

Reviews and customer feedbacks:

A new review on Dagogo is about to come out, comparing it to other DACs, including Bricasti.

I just happen to have the review sample discounted to $5400, which is $1350 off. This leaves some money for a set of Final Drives and a Short-Block, which will improve SQ even more:

I'm confident that the Overdrive will match or more likely beat the Linn.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
BTW, the Overdrive SE has previously won other shootouts with Weiss 202 and MSB analog.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio