any drummers in the house

here is the thing, i'm interested in learning how to play the drums, but would like to know where to start.can anybody recommend what books or videos to buy, what brands of drums would be better for me,should i get a snare and go from there etc.
thanks in advance
I have been a drummer since 10. Played in every kind of band from country to jazz to metal to alternative and yes pop. Taught myself . I now teach on the side and see how fast the students accelerate with proper guidence so I would suggest a teacher . One caveat however ; get one that does not teach old school but rather a teacher that is still active and possibly connected to whatever genre you would like to emulate. I was a Peart fan and spent 7 years day in and day out learning his material chop for chop. This was my school . Also , metal and rock drummers typically hold their sticks straight from wrist to fingertip while many jazz drummers lay the left stick across the palm. See what feels natural to you. Good luck and stick with it . Drumming is difficult to master.
There are many internet sites and video tapes to get yuo started. I agree with finding a good instructor also, but only if you are going to stcik with it.

Beat those skins man!
Check out the Percussive Arts Society PAS.ORG Every drummer should be a member. The yearly convention should not be missed. What a way to tune up your ears for this hobby.
i used to be a drummer (still jam a little). started in 1961 as the drummer boy for my grade school play. grew up playing beatles and rolling stones until the hard rock days then played jimi hendrix, deep purple, black sabbath stuff. then got into the blues playing in night clubs in the 70's.
there are so many drum vendors out there. i have used: ludwig, slingerland, rogers, sonor, and lately Drum Works.
i have played on a few electronic drum kits and didn't like them. they just don't feel like the real thing. I agree with most of the above people, get one on one instruction to learn the basics: drum rolls, how to read music, carry a beat, etc... then branch out on your own playing with cd's at home to copy what the drummer on the song is doing. i would suggest purchasing a used set of drums with 2 or 3 cymbals (with also a high hat) and start practicing. you can always sell them for what you paid for them.
i have to admit, playing music in front of a few thousand people (or even smaller), is an experience you will never forget!!!
Been playing for 12 years or so... definately recommend learning the basics.. ie a good teacher. If you dont plan to play in a band you may not need to learn to read music, but it doesnt hurt. Get yourself a nice set of drums.. used or new.. you can buy so many nice kits these days. Definately wear earplugs unless you dont mind saying "what" all them time.. drums are loud. Good videos... I like Dave Weckl's video back to basics.. good informative stuff on stick control, the proper grip, setting up and tuning your drum set, good practice routines and playing some grooves. I personally was mostly self taught over the years. I have however been a student of music and had teachers that were helpful. Playing and practicing along with watching other drummers play a kit is very helpful. Be patient and remember playing loud is not always playing well.. and faster does not mean louder!! Have fun and dont try to play anything that Danny Carey or Carter Beauford play.. you will lose your mind!
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