any early 80's alt/soft punk fans out there?

great time for music imo. new sounds, edgy but musical and sometime.....downright deep/moving. never got into the really hardcore punk seen. liked the softer side destruction alot better =)

just finished a psychedelic furs binge tonight. had joy division/early new order on all weekend. planning on reminiscing with lou reed/velvet underground and early rem later this week.

haven't really listened to this stuff much in recent memory. not sure why?. i own almost everything these bands ever put out but still rarely give them a turn anymore?.

early furs with all that sax and mr butler's near painful voice =). i'm gonna grab some tickets for their upcoming show at house of blues (chicago). i'm sure it won't be as crazy as the shows back then but the music will still be great. didn't even know they were touring.

really enjoyed joy division and after the death of Ian....early new order stuff. incredible music considering their roots. new order eventually lost their edge but back then....they were it!

any other fans out there?
Another great 80's band, Heaven 17. Also, give Depeche Mode Songs of Faith & Devotion another listen. Hated it when it first came out but now, while clearly a different direction, I think it is amazing.

Levy: Wow, actually seeing Joy Division live, that is very cool. I am bowing down.
forgot 2 from akron....the waitresses, rachael sweet (both made 2 incredible albums)
Peter Murphy All night long, and the entire New Order Substance CD. P Fur's Heaven, President gas, and love my way all great tunes. Although not soft punk Chris Rhea brings back some wonderful memories during the late 80's in the Greek Islands.
Echo and the Bunnymen
Hunters and Collectors
Guadalcanal Diary
Let's Active
Fetchin' Bones
Psch Furs/Love Spit Love
The Feelies
Winter Hours
The The
Peter Murphy
Gene Loves Jezebel
The Cult

I enjoyed the bands that brought back the guitar vs. synthesisers. I also really appreciate originality.