Any expereince with Coincident Frankenstein II Amp

Currently driving Coincident Super Victory speakers with the Topaz Wyetech amp and the results are amazing. I had heard that the Frankenstein II full chrome version is best in class for my speakers and Hovland pre. Any expereince with these amps and or feedback is welcome!
Hello Paul,
To my understanding the Wyetech Topaz(211 tube) is considered one of the true great SET amplifiers. I`ve never heard it but have no reason to question it`s highly regarded status. The Frankenstein I know well(owned almost 2 years) and it is a masterpiece built by Israel Blume. I won`t go on and on about it (I`ve done that enough before). As mentioned by Metralla there are pevious threads, with many informed comments from owners.The franks would be fabulous with your Super Victory speakers. Give Israel a call, he`s very friendly.
Hi all,

I want to chime in because I'm currently looking for a power amplifier to drive Coincident Super Eclipse mk. 3 speakers. My pre is a Counterpoint SA-5.1. Both SE III and SV has a 92 db sensitivity and high impedance (14 ohm and 10 ohm respectively) so choices should be similar on paper.

So far, I have limited number of amps with Coincidents. Recently I've tried a friend's Cary CAD-572SE which is rated as ~20 w/channel, on my system and was not satisfied with lower frequencies. But I must say that it was a somewhat uncontrolled situation. The devices were here and there some on carpet some on an other one, some connected with stock cables etc. You get the point. I'll take the Cary's soon and make a more controlled try.

After that experience I become skeptical about the low powered monos. When I told this experience and request an advice, Blume told that the Dragons would be the best option. So my skeptical-ism even grows. But mine was a brief e-mail, and maybe Blume thought that I'm a power-hungry audiophile, so wanted to be on the safe side.

Soo, I'm still searching and currently my lowest powered option is a 24w/channel Manley Neo/Classic 300B.

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