Any experience with Arc ref75 driving magnepans

Thinking about buying a Arc ref 75 to go with my ls27. I have 1.7 right now and will upgrade to the 3.7s in the future..I listen mostly to jazz along with some classical and classic rock. Once in awhile I turn up the volume...I'm reaching out to you for your input...Thanks

I still have the Ls-27 and I think it is very good. I don't know why people would say it's not a good match with the Pass
xa30.5. I haven't heard the REf-75 but I have read it is excellent. My next move will probably be a used REf-150. I'm still waiting for the prices to drop but I have a feeling it might be a couple of years.
Directly from the mouth of Nelson Pass.

"Our experience is no problems at all with the ARC or CJ products with regard to interface. The amp doesn't care about source impedance. It's actual input impedance is close to 0 ohms, and the input impedance spec comes from the resistors we put in series with that input. Adding a little more from the source doesn't create issues."

I will preface this by saying that I listen at high volumes sometimes. That being said, I bought a pair of Maggie 3.7 six months ago as something to play around with (the everyday speaks being Focal Alto Utopias).

WOW!!!....the 3.7s have me burying the big blue meters on the McIntosh MC501 amps (500wpc into 2, 4, & 8 ohms) on a regular basis. I often times switch amps and speakers in and out of the everyday system for fun (that's what we do, right), but I have never had to turn the volume knob like I did when I put the Maggies in line.

The 3.7s are a fantastic loudspeaker for what they do, but their power hungry reputation is well deserved.

With the Stereophile test bench numbers and the Maggie's appetite for watts and your suggestion that you may want to "get on the volume" from time to time, I would recommend you look at power alternatives--maybe one of ARCs $.02.

Btw...I am using a class D power amp from Peachtree Audio to power the Maggies in a second system now...220/400 watts 8/4 ohms respectively and somewhat pleased with the results.

I read the Stereophile review of the Ref75 and they mentioned the appearance with the meters was similar to the D79. If the Ref75 will not drive magnepans, however, that must be the only similarity between the 2 amps. I say that because I have a D79 and it drove my MG1.6's better than anything I ever had, and at high levels. At the time it was much better than the Bryston and McCormack Solid State gear I had in terms of perceived power and tonal quality. Looks like the Ref75 is a step down, however, which is to be expected because it is about 50 lb compared to the D79 which is about 100 lb.