Any Experience with Audio Envy SP12?

Considering purchasing Audio Envy SP12 Speaker cable given that I use their ICs. Does anyone have any experience with the SP12s? If so, then what do you think of it? Thanks.


I received mine a few days ago. My initial impressions are:

1. The top end is crystal clear, with a lot of air surrounding instruments.

2. Soundstaging is three dimensional, front to back. In particular, I can hear the resonance of the recording space. Also, the placement of musicians is obvious, and I feel as if I'm sitting somewhere around 4th row center.

3.  Bass has gravitas, yet is firm, taut, and not muddy or boomy.

4.  Instruments sound like they should. In particular cymbals have sparkle and snare drums have snap, crackle, and pop.

5. Lots of micro-detail.

6.  Very balanced across the spectrum ... no one element is emphasized or over-emphasized.

Granted the cables have about 6 hours on them, but these are my impressions right out of the box. I presume that they'll open up a lot more.


Any update on the SP 12s? How are they sounding now and what gear are you using? 
Been thinking of trying them with my 300b monos.


@rodge827 I've now had them for a little over two weeks. They keep sounding better and better. In particular, I am very impressed with the width and depth of the soundstage, and the overall clarity of sound from top to bottom. I'm using the SP12s with a BAT VK-33 preamp, BAT VK-225se power amp, Joseph Audio Pulsars (non-graphene), and a Denon DCD-A110 CD player. All of my ICs are from Audio Envy as well. 

@rlb61 Thank you for your response. I’m an all tube set up to and currently using all Jena Labs wire. Some diy and some factory made. Heard a lot of good buzz about AE wires and might give them a spin.

Sparkler s503 as transport-Mojo Audio XSE Dac-ANK L4 Preamp-ANK Interstage 8wSE 300b amps- Charney Audio Companions with Voxativ 2.6 AF drivers

@rlb61 Are you still happy with your AE SP12 speaker wire?

Do you have a feel for how my hours it takes to hear their best?  Do you run your system 24/7 when breaking in new stuff?  If you do, it’s easier track the hours.