Any Experience with Audio Envy SP12?

Considering purchasing Audio Envy SP12 Speaker cable given that I use their ICs. Does anyone have any experience with the SP12s? If so, then what do you think of it? Thanks.


@rodge827 I've now had them for a little over two weeks. They keep sounding better and better. In particular, I am very impressed with the width and depth of the soundstage, and the overall clarity of sound from top to bottom. I'm using the SP12s with a BAT VK-33 preamp, BAT VK-225se power amp, Joseph Audio Pulsars (non-graphene), and a Denon DCD-A110 CD player. All of my ICs are from Audio Envy as well. 

@rlb61 Thank you for your response. I’m an all tube set up to and currently using all Jena Labs wire. Some diy and some factory made. Heard a lot of good buzz about AE wires and might give them a spin.

Sparkler s503 as transport-Mojo Audio XSE Dac-ANK L4 Preamp-ANK Interstage 8wSE 300b amps- Charney Audio Companions with Voxativ 2.6 AF drivers

@rlb61 Are you still happy with your AE SP12 speaker wire?

Do you have a feel for how my hours it takes to hear their best?  Do you run your system 24/7 when breaking in new stuff?  If you do, it’s easier track the hours.