Any experience with Ayre L5-Xe Power Conditioner?

I am using an all-Ayre system (C5Xe, K1Xe, MXR). Would there by significant improvement if I use L5-Xe for C5 and K1? I know that they already have Ayre Conditioner but I wonder if adding another L5 would improve the sound. I do not have a dedicated power line, and my current conditioner that (Nordost Thor) tilt the balance to the bright side (even though bass clarity improved compared with plugging directly to the wall).
My system uses the L5xe, with an Ayre power cord...for power for the KX-R, 3 MX-R...the D1xe and Meridian go to a different power seems to provide a benefit as to lowering the noise floor...but the most important thing I did was to have dedicated 20amp circuits run with over sized wire directly to my incoming power panel...keeping the digital units on one circuit and the analog stuff on another...AC noise, for me, is not an issue. So I reccomend the L5...but do the power line thing the way I use top quality furtech AC sockets...and on all AC power cords.
I use an L-5 with my AX-7 and CX-7 (I think neither of them include the internal Ayre Conditioner). I posted a review on AA. In short, it made my system more resolved and liquid; a nice improvement.
I have my Messenger preamp and C-5xe connected to the L-5xe, and really wouldn't be without it. However, I heard a slight negative effect when I had my MX-Rs running into the filter, so they now go directly into wall outlets. The 'table (actually the SOTA's PS/vacuum) runs into L-5xe outlets, but only for the sake of convenience (i.e. I can hear no difference vs. using a wall outlet).
I bought the L-5xe yesterday. Initial impression is very good. much quieter background, and no change in tonal balance.

How long would it take to burnt in the unit?