Any Experience With Conrad Johnson ET3 Preamp?


Was wondering about this new entry level preamp which is supposedly a baby GAT.

Does anyone have any experience with it? There don;t seem to be any reviews as yet. Was thinking of perhaps matching it with a Krell power amp.

I have the ET3 and love it ...with a EAT 6922. Only minor issue I have is its not dead silent.. I get some hum in my system.

Mind you - that could be anything.

Other than that - great unit and highly recommended.

EAT 6922 transforms it.
Rumpole and Rayoo, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I currently have a classic SE that I'm auditioning and was thinking of exchanging it for the ET3 non-SE.

The thinking behind my decision is I can upgrade parts through Conrad to the SE when funds fully permit. I'm wondering how close the Classic SE sounds to the non-SE ET3.

I would like to add I'm really enjoying the Classic SE, but wonder if the Et3 might be a better long term decision.
After reading ET3-SE reviews I took a 3hr ride to Spearit Sound in Mass. for audition. The CDs I brought were more enjoyable, less fatigueing compared to my solid-state Bryston BP-26. I was sold. My 1st impressions at home after ~2 days are terrific. I don't miss any trait of the ss Bryston. The detail, impact is still there plus realism, bigger stage, harmonically rich mids, more music meat on the bone. I think CJ hit it out of the park with this one- value,gorgeous sound, no noise,no balanced circuits, and a managable single tube. Nice to be immersed in music again.
I feel the ET-3 SE offers the best of both worlds-tube/ss.
I own the ET-3 SE. I have owned many preamps (Adcom GFP-750 blue board, CJ PF2, Rogue Metis, ARC LS26, and McCormack LD-2). These are all great preamps with distinctly different sound. To me, the ARC LS26 and CJ ET-3 SE are in next level sound above the others (and cost much more). The ARC LS26 is more flexible with gain selection, balanced, etc. They both sound outstanding. The CJ with an upgraded tube (like Gold Lion specially selected by Jim McShane) just has that "right" musical sound with all the detail, instrument/voice soundstage placement that you don't want to turn off. You just want to close your eyes and enjoy.

Warning: you need to burn in for 300 plus hrs.
Has anyone compared the se and non se versions? Are they close in performance, or is the se on a much higher level? I heard the non se and was quite impressed.