Any experience with Mini DSP SHD Studio in 2 ch system?

I have been researching room correction processing in the digital domain with Dirac. I've got a great deal of room treatment already with 9 bass absorbers along with diffusion, The room is pretty good now. It's a dedicated listening room situated in my basement.  I was thinking the final touch may be to add the Mini DSP SHD Studio to the system and run my CD transport and Streamer digital connections to it and then feed all that to the Dinafrips Hermes/Venus II digital processors. 


Has anyone done something like this using the Mini DSP SHD Studio and were you happy with the changes? I realize it is a process but I've studied plenty of you tube reviews  on it. It seems to be an overwhelming positive impact from what I can gather.


Just thought I'd get some more feedback before making the order. Thank you.


We have a miniDSP SHD (not Studio) in our TV system. I also have an Anthem STR Preamp in my main system. Both have DSP: The miniDSP has Dirac, and the Anthem has ARC. I prefer the interface of the Anthem, but both provide effective DSP, and the miniDSP may be more suitable for your application.

Like yours, my room is treated for acoustics.

I find (and have found through the years) that addressing the bass with DSP can make it much smoother sounding. I have found that worthwhile, for sure.

The miniDSP streamer can be controlled with Roon or any DLNA or OpenHome control point. Also, you can use a Web browser to control it with the native Volumio interface. If you decide to use it, you might be able to simplify your system a little.

I hope that’s helpful.

I was hoping to get this discussion going again.  I am new to DSP and would start with the mini.    An others offer their experience?