any experience with Polymer Audio Research speaker

I just discovered the Polymer Audio webpage, and saw their recent ad in Absolute sound, but have never heard their products. Design certainly looks appealing, but wondering if others have actually heard this line, and can share opinions. They are made here in USA, in south Florida. There were comments about this brand here back in 2008, but nothing since...hummm
The guy to talk to about Polymer Audio speakers is Jianlin1.
He owns the Polymer Audio MKS along with the Rockport Antares speakers.
Here's his system.
I owned a pair of the Logic Mk. 2 speakers which I had to sell due to a move overseas for work. During the time I had the speakers and in my entire experience with high end products I never experienced anything at this level. The people that design and make these products are extremely knowledgable about audio and are extremely passionate about their work. The build quality is like that of a Swiss watch (maybe better). I currently have a small system with Dynaudio monitors but intend to get the MKS when I return to the states.
I heard the prototype speakers a couple of years ago. They are top performers if it means anything to you? Neutral
The rather small midrange driver does have plenty of oomph!
Polymer Audio will be showing at AXPONA with FM Acoustics. Anyone going to the show will be able to hear a very impressive demo.
Was not able to attend THE show last week in Newport. I know that polymer showed with FM acoustic and Weiss. If anyone heard this room, please share your thoughts on the sound, build quality, and what it compared to, please.
No one has posted yet on the standout rooms at the show yet as to hear opinions on what was good.