Any experience with PS Audio Power Plants

The room that I'm using for my stereo / home theater is a bonus room above a garage and the ac circuit is also used for a washing machine and other undesirables. I understand that running dedicated lines might be the best solution but that would mean getting the wife involved so I'm looking into AC regenerators. Anyone have experience with the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3?  I'm using a Hegel H390, 250 watts/channel and wondering if this is a good option. 

Also, there's a PS Audio Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 on Audiogon for $1800. Any thought about this vs the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3?

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I would not hesitate calling PS Audio.  They know most equipment needs and are more than willing to work with you to determine needs even when talking about used equipment.  Great company.
I’ve used them in the past and they sound great and personally never had any issues, although a lot of folks have complained about reliability issues.

Depending on your system, I’d recommend a battery / inverter unit.  It’s better sound wise than a regenerator and is significantly cheaper.