any experience with TRL mod ?

Has anyone had Paul Weitzel of Tub Research Lab do a mod ?
I am looking at maybe getting my Sony XA777es or 333es modded. Thanks.

Check the archives both here and at in the Hi-Rez Asylum. You'll want to search for "TRL". You should get all the info you seek.

If you want to hear my praises of TRL and their wonderful digital mods, feel free to e-mail me direct,

So far they have modified a Sony 775, a Sony 595, a Sony C2000ES (best so far by a margin), a Sony VPH 1272 Data Grade CRT projector, and an NEC IDC -3000 line scaler for me. I'm not done yet, they'll see other units of mine within the next few weeks.

Best wishes,
Best MODS going PERIOD! (I don't have a Sony) But, Paul Mr."TRL" himself took my Shanling T-200 level 1 that had already been seriously modified by the People up in Canada, And Has taken it to a state of near nirvana... Don't even hesitate go for it! also check out the & look for Hi-Rez search for "TRL" Questions? e-mail me I'll be glad to expound on this even further. Regards,
Thanks for the info. I sent an e mail to paul. I am deciding whether to mod my Sony 333es which I like the sound of or my XA777es which I don't like the sound of and hope it's gets better.
Frano, sorry forgot to mention the conversion is of the highest order. The attention to details are second to none. Paul is a true craftsman that takes pride in his work. You won't be disappointed!
There's a new TRL 595 review at the following link, which might answer a few of your questions.