Any feedback on Rythmik Audio Subwoofers?

I am looking for a new subwoofer to complement my Green Mountain Europa Speakers. Specifically want a music sub, not HT. Roy at GMA likes the Dayton 12 MkIII for a low price solution (since I can't afford his!).

Does anyone have experience with the Rythmik Audio sub's? How about with Direct Servo solutions?

Thanks in advance!

I use a pair of Rythmik 12" subs in my music only system. Measured response in my room is flat to 30hz(technically, it's down app 2 or 3db)without EQ. I use a Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller to smooth a couple of room nodes and extend response to 25hz (-0db). This covers about 99.999% of all musical signal with impressive on-axis accuracy. These subs blend smoothly with my Ohm 100 or Maqgie SMG mains (I use the SMS-1 to optimize the x-over function) for a neutral balance, wide bandwidth system at a reasonable cost. The Rythmiks @ app $1500/PR. + sms-1 @ $450 + Ohm or Maggie $600-$1700/pr. make for -IMHO- a speaker system with an unusual combo of strengths at the $2500 to $3500 price point.

I'd note that the Rythmiks replaced a pair of smaller, similarly priced Velodyne SPLR 8 subs. The Velodynes were very good, punchy sounding subs, but the Rythmiks provide a "drier", more relaxed, more neutral sounding bottom end - to my ear. Not surprisingly, they also go much deeper/louder without the need for EQ.

There appears to be some other fine value subs out there (the 12" SVS models come to mind) at/near the same price point. I know they measure well, (test results suggest that the SVS might be even better than the Rythmiks for HT use) but I haven't actually heard them. OTOH, for music only, I can certainly recommend the Rythmiks very, very highly.

Good Luck

As a relatively recent owner of a GR Research/Rythmik Audio 12" sub, my comments would mimick Marty, Terra, and Boubi. I used to own the Europa's and feel this sub would work wonderfully. OBTW, it replaced a Vandy 2W.

How are these subs with the Magnapan 1.6 speakers or any of the Maggies? I am trying to decide between 2 of the F12SE or the new 10inch Emotivas. Any feedback will be appreciated.
I received two of the Rythmik F12SE subs about a month ago after much research and I am extremely happy with them. They are being used in two similar audio systems comprising HK990 amps (300 watts/channel) and Dynaudio X12/Audience 42 speakers. The Rythmiks sound blends beautifully with the Dynaudios, as if they were designed to for them. The bass is so tight that it does not distract from the overall musical presentation. It simply adds a new dimension to the music wasn't there before without any down sides. The only issue I have had is that a few recordings have very baldly engineered low frequencies which ruins an otherwise great recording. This is quite rare but does exist for some artists. I'm hoping to be able to find some software that will allow me to EQ down/out the low frequencies of those few recordings. Definatly not the subs fault.

Unfortunately I dont have experience with other subs to compare this to but I've been into audiophile gear for 30 years and know a good thing when I hear it, and the F12SE is a very good thing!!!

I have 2 F12 SE models pair with Magnepan 1.7. To say its a match made in heaven is an understatement. Tight and tuneful.