Any feedback on the Nagaoka MP 30 cartridge?

I'm limited to MM cartidges for the forseeable future and am considering the Nagaoka. I'd be most grateful if anyone who has used the MP-30 would share their thoughts on its strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks in advance!
It's been years, but I had a Sonogragh/FT-3 combo with the Nagaoka MP-30. It was a nice cartridge. Full-bodied warm sound. Not the most detailed but an easy listen. Really depends on your budget.
I'm hoping to spend about $300 for a nice MM.

I will using a refurbished Dual CS-704, now on its way from Germany. The table has an Otrofon Super OM-10.

I see new OM-40 styli for a low as $200, and I'd appreciate any thoughts on the Super OM-40 as an alternative, since it'd be less costly.

Thanks again!