Any gemme tanto v2 owners out there?

What's up guys? I was wondering if there were any tanto v2 owners out there? I recently purchased a pair and I am very happy with them but I was wondering how other owners have there speakers set up,what amps are you using? What kind of amps do you think sound better?Do you find they sound better biamped or not?Etc....
So external drive to squeeze box then from squeeze box digital out to external dac or just use a squeeze box. How good have u heard the dac is? Is it so good I would not need a dac?
I have the Gemme Katana 2s and played them with a Bryston 2BPro and was not impressed with this amp. It had enough juice (so to speak), but nothing special. I also tried them with a EL34 based tube amp - again, wasn't overly impressed with total performance. Tried them with a Pass Labs Aleph 5 (60@8/90 watts at 4 ohms), again, same general feeling.

I like these speakers and feel that they are fairly forgiving. My biggest complaint is the sound stage being neither deep or virtually nothing forward of the speaker plane. I normally run Wilson W/P speakers as my main speakers, but move the Gemme's in and out from time to time.

I now have a Levinson 334 and am planning on running the Gemme's this coming weekend to see if their sound stage improves with this amp (which has better soundstage performance than the other amps I ran these speakers with). FWIW, my room is treated at various locations with Real Traps. My speakers faces are 4 feet out from the wall. My other components vary at times but include: ARC LS16 MK 11 preamp, Levinson 390S CD/DAC and sometimes direct to amp, Esoteric SA-50 CD/DAC and sometimes direct to amp and of course a server based system (running into the DACs of the aforementioned CDPs).

I love the Gemme speakers, but am still trying to find the right amp to improve the soundstage, which is very good laterally and moderately deep (not deep enough with the abover referenced amps), but nothing forward of the speakers. I like a detailed, but not grainy sound over a warm/lush/bloated/loose sound.
Re: above JoeHernandez statement between the Pioneer and the older Fisher. Pioneer products IMO (I own one of their AVR surround receivers and other items in the past) are gimmicky over high performance or sound quality. The Fisher amp/receiver would have been made more toward making good sound v. the Pioneer. It doens't surprise me at all that this was your experience.

As to the Levinson, I did a quick hook-up of my 334 Levinson amp to the Katana 2s and there is more notable air, focus and better soundstage than with the other amps I used as referenced above. This is prior to taking the time to set-up best placement of the speakers and with my other speakers still occupying their space (which negatively impacts the Gemme's performance as it all sits right now). I will listen and tweak the set-up this weekend and report back my feelings of the Gemme's with this equipment and even a mini comparison between them and my Wilson W/P speakers.
...tonight I moved the Watt/Puupies out from their location (and away from any sound impact areas) and listened further to the Gemme Katanas, including tweaking placement, etc. . . This is the best that they have sounded (they always sounded very good, but now the stage is opening up with greater depth and focus - even some forward of the speaker plane). More playing around to come this weekend, including some other component changing and cabling changes to see how they respond and what sounds best.
Hi guy's

I own these and i tried them with a proceed Amp2 with great success. One of my friend bring 2 Bel canto mono Ref1000 and ,,,, wowwww what a difference, the bass is much tighter and the sound is more open at lower volume (i know that the proceed is a 150 watt and the Bel canto is a 500 watt,,, so i sold my proceed and bought a pair of Bel Canto ref1000 mono block. These speakers are marvelous to hear and beautiful. The only complaint is the 3 feet under each speaker. I call gemme audio and did you know that you could change the 3 feets of each tanto v2 for 4 feets of the new tanto v3??