Any good Contemporary Christian recordings

I really enjoy contemporary christian music on the radio but have found the few cd's I purchased were lacking in fidelity. Any good recordings to recommend?

Third Day recordings are good compared to typical rock recordings. Try their first self-titled CD and their "Live: Offerings" CD.

Some Hillsong CD's are pretty decent, it's live worship recorded in their huge church in Sidney.
I am surprised no one has mentioned Bruce Cockburn or Phil Keaggy. I recommend Phil's "The Wind and the Wheat" 1985 or so.. instrumental guitar highly underated by the music press due to Phil's religion. Also quality audiophile recording.
I have all the Bruce Cockburn albums on vinyl up until 1987 or so, the Canadian pressings, superior to the U.S. pressings. After 1989 or so I lost interest in him. His best recordings, IMO are "In the Falling Dark" 1976, "Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws" 1977, "Humans" 1979. Audiophile quality recordings.
I am a Christian, but for over 20+ years have never been able to bring myself to listen to this Christian "Pop" music stuff out there... I am primarily a Jazz and Classical listener, and perhaps the only Christian in the West who prefers Bob Marley to Amy Grant? Now dat be a righteous riddem mon!
"Jah Jah watch over I, evil, whatch gonna do?"
"Wicked abortion deciples of lucifer, get behind me satan!"
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Bob Carlisle: "Shades of Grace/Butterfly Kisses", and "Stories from the Heart". These are two of the finest recordings within any genre in my collection. Extremely well recorded and engineered...........enjoy.
Susan Ashton - mid 90's stuff

Jim Cole - voice and guitar sound like James Taylor
mid 90's album Merciful God is great (small label, you can find him online)

Van Morrison has a number of discs with great songs
Enlightenment, Hymns to the Silence
not sure if he found was he was looking for
but make for great records of faith

most contemporary Christian music just doesn't measure up
Phil Keaggy's "Sundays Child" has a lot of good stuff on it too.

Van Morrison's "Avalon Sunset" has some good material but Van is just singing. I don't think it's a lifestyle... BWDIK