Any good equipment racks that are afordable?

Ok I will just admit it up front that I don't want to spend $3,000 for a equipment that off my chest. Are there any good racks 3 or 4 shelves that are in the $700 to $1,500 range that sound good and are recommended? I would rather spend my money on equipment than furniture. Thanks!!
I would take a look at TAOC racks. You could get a 3 tier setup for under 1.5k and these are nice. Positive Feedback did a write up a few years ago with lots of details.
The Solid Tech products are great price/performance products - be sure to fill the risers.
Check link below. I bought three level rack. IT's very very good. Spider of Finite elemente is better but it cost six time more. Highly recomended.
You could easily do a Mapleshade rack for under $1,500. Three shelves for about $1,000. Ocsasionally one comes up for sale on Audiogon.
DIY: search the forums.Many have had good success.I built my own and am very happy.