Any good FM tuners around for less than $200?

There is not much discussion of tuners these days - who still listens to radio unless it is over the Internet?? lol I imagine there are still some folks that like the radio, and hopefully some of them are here on Audiogon.

I would like to add a decent - not top of the line, obviously, given my budget - FM tuner to my 2-channel system. I am rather overwhelmed by the info on the FM Tuner Information site - I don't understand a lot of it, and many of the tuners they review and like are seldom available for sale these days. I just want a good sounding, not too expensive tuner that will 'satisfy' my occasional radio listening needs! The stations I listen to - mostly via car radio - are local and primarily public (no ads) radio stations, though I do listen to some classic rock stations as well.

A tube tuner would be nice, but possibly more than I can spend, especially if it needs tube replacement, alignment and that sort of thing. Solid state will do, obviously. So, Fisher? Rotel? Marantz? Something totally different?

I do not currently have an outdoor antenna, but that is something I hope to get in the future - one that can be mounted on the exterior wall as opposed to the roof

What tuners would you recommend that I put on my short list?

Not that I have anything to compare it to, but I will let you guys know what I think of the Eico 2200 when I receive it and have had a chance to listen to it for a bit; should have it early next week. :-)

Yes Lou, the 1010 was size matched to the xx10 series amps, it's a big box with not a whole lot inside. What is in there does sound very good though. :)
The Magnum Dynalab FT-11 was a pretty good tuner if I remember, they are around for $200 or a bit under these days.

So many tunas, so little time...and great sounding signals are not as plentiful !

Yes, I would recomend the nakamichi st 7 which can be had for 200.00 and under. Great sound and selectivty.