Any good reasons to use transistor phono stage and line level preamp instead of tube ?

Besides lower noise and no need to hunt for particular NOS tubes. 
yogiboy, good article, thanks for the link.  I especially liked this passage:

The problem, Hansen believes, is that people are too fixated on the gear and not enough on the experience the gear is supposed to provide. “Don’t be thinking about how the treble or bass sounds, or this or that detail, the ‘soundstaging,’” he counsels. “None of that matters. After the song is over, ask yourself, ‘Was I completely sucked in? Did I forget about everything else?’ Or were you thinking about the bills you need to pay, the deadline on this article. If you can get completely lost in the music, then it’s a really good stereo system. It doesn’t matter if it’s tubes, transistors, or a hamster on wheel. All that matters is that you got lost in the music. If you’re listening to music and your system doesn’t do that for you, your system is broken.”

I have all solid state (Bryston amp and preamp) and my system does the above for me. Right now I'm listening to "Man in the Wilderness" Natalie Merchant from Leave Your Sleep.  Its wonderful!
Im with bigkidz, I have always found good tube gear to image and soundstage better, more 3D. 
I have solid state (Whest PS30RDT) and valve (inbuilt Atmasphere MP-3) phono stages.
The Whest is dead quiet, very smooth, detailed, has a huge soundstage, and layers like crazy. It does big stuff incredibly well, and is my go to for rock, electronic, classical.
The Atmasphere is definitely noisier (faint valve rush at low volumes) but once the music is playing it's not noticeable. And its not quite as controlled on the really big stuff. But it has a texture and grit that I find more lifelike, and is simply gorgeous on smaller scale, acoustic, jazz, and human voice.

I love them both and use them both. But if forced to decide on one, I think I'd go for ...... nah, not telling :-)
To me live music sounds warm, no high order harmonics there to give your ears that unidentified edgy sound. Supposedly tubes convey the music with less high order harmonics. So there's that.
For some it may be a bit of a pain to search out and implement the right tubes, mixing and matching to find the right combo. For me it's like cooking up some gumbo. When the ingredients are spot on just can't stop eating. Last night I ate for about 3 1/2 hours. Delicious.

Laissez les bons temps rouler
gumbo good! 
Transistor good
Tube good 
listening to derek and the dominos on wax, great!